Oct 02, 2022
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On Sunday morning, a female Palestinian suicide bomber drove up to a security checkpoint near the city of Ma’ale Adumim in Judea and detonated a bomb in an explosion that severely injured the terrorist and lightly wounded an Israeli police officer.

Security officials noticed a suspicious car approaching the al-Zaim checkpoint on Route 1 and signaled for the driver to stop for an inspection about 200 feet from the checkpoint. The car was in a lane reserved for buses and carpools.

When a police officer approached her car, the terrorist shouted “Allahu ahkbar” and detonated the bomb.

The terrorist, 31, was severely injured, with burns covering her entire body. She was taken for treatment to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. One policeman was lightly injured with burns to his upper body. He was evacuated to Jerusalem’s Shaarei Zedek Medical Center.

The police found several other explosives in the car, which the terrorist apparently planned to detonate in Jerusalem.

This is the first attempted suicide bombing in Israel in the latest rash of violent attacks against Israelis throughout the country, which have left four dead and dozens injured. Over the weekend, three Israeli police officers and two elderly men were injured in two separate stabbing attacks in Jerusalem.

In response to the rise in terror, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked security officials to massively reinforce Israel Police and Border Police forces and mobilize additional reserve units. Three additional Border Police units have been mobilized in Jerusalem, and Netanyahu has approved the calling up of 13 more companies stationed throughout Jerusalem and the country.