Israel fails to persuade Biden to make a less dangerous nuclear deal with Iran

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May 3, 2021

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Despite efforts to influence the terms of a new projected deal between Iran and western powers, Israel’s security establishment was disappointed at the outcome of their discussions with their counterparts in Washington reports Walla.

Leading the Israeli envoy was Maj. Gen. Tal Kalman, who was promoted from brigadier general to the Strategy and Third-Circle Directorate, an entirely new position on the General Staff, which focuses primarily on Iran. According to sources in the IDF, Biden is completely determined to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement and to advance a more long-term plan in its wake.

Sources also disclosed that Biden is “obsessed” with sticking to the terms of the old agreement and will announce it in the near future, before June. This will enable Tehran to showcase their “accomplishment” to the Iranian people before their national elections.  Officials in Israel’s defense establishment have tried to influence their American counterparts and to emphasize that the fact that Iran is under pressure to present their people with a deal by election day in June, this can be used as leverage against the Islamic Republic to modify the deal since their backs are against the wall. But despite their best efforts, it appears as though Biden’s cabinet is determined to get the deal over with and for Biden to put it behind him to focus on more “important” issues like coronavirus, the economy, Russia, and China.

“The Americans listened but aren’t forthcoming with details of the deal. They are being difficult with everything that has to do with the terms of the accord” IDF sources said. They have also learned that Iran is refusing to return to the old agreement with the Americans and will not make any changes to the 2015 accord. Additionally, Biden will remove the sanctions the former US President Donald Trump placed on the Islamic Republic which includes restrictions on the IRGC.

Israel’s defense officials have arrived at the conclusion that Biden wants to get the deal over with and that there is basically no chance that they will make any changes to the 2015 agreement.


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