Sep 29, 2022
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Gennadij Korban, a Jewish Ukrainian oligarch, told Ukrainian Radio NV on Friday that he had performed the Pulsa diNura, a kabbalistic curse, against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Pulsa Denura is a complex, difficult procedure,” Korban said in an interview with Ukrainian Radio NV. “I am not a person who strictly observes rituals, although I am a believer. But I think that this fast somehow also influenced the fact that so far, [the central Ukrainian city of] Dnipro has not been hit. I want to knock on wood. I don’t want to jinx it, God forbid. Nevertheless, it is so.”

“By the way, maybe this is irrational logic, but very often dictators such as Putin, Hitler and Stalin are very irrational in this regard and believe in many magical, mystical things,” he said. “After all, we know from various chronicles that there were some shamans, astrologers and nontraditional healers under these people. Therefore, these people are very inclined to believe and are afraid of some mystical things.”

“I warned Putin,” he said. “Let him think and draw his own conclusions. In other words, Pulsa Denura is not just a procedure that you can start whenever you want. This is a procedure when you have to warn the enemy or person whom you want to subject to this procedure officially, so that he knows that such a procedure is being started against him.”

Korban had issued a warning to Putin in July via his Facebook page.

The Pulsa diNura invokes the angels of destruction to block heavenly forgiveness of the subject’s sins, causing all the curses named in the Bible to befall him and resulting in his death.

In July 2005, one month before the IDF dismantled Gush Katif and evicted almost 9,000 Jews from their homes, Rabbi Yosef Dayan, a member of the nascent Sanhedrin who can trace his lineage back to King David, led a group of ten rabbis in performing the Pulsa diNura, on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Sharon’s health deteriorated, and by January, he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, entering a vegetative state from which he never recovered. Rabbi Dayan also led rabbis in the Pulsa diNura against Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin a few months before he was assassinated. Rabin was shot and killed in 1995 by Yigal Amir, an extremist who opposed Rabin’s peace initiative and particularly the signing of the Oslo Accords.

Threats of the Pulsa diNura were allegedly directed at Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana (Yamina)  in December 2021.’

Rabbi Yosef Berger, a former member of the Sanhedrin and a descendant of King David, doubted that the curse invoked by the Ukrainian oligarch could be effective.

“Kabbala is not like magic in Harry Potter where you wave a wand and say some words,” Rabbi Berger said. “It is gravely misunderstood and is essentially just another discipline of Torah study and a way of serving God. People who claim it grants them power don’t know what they are talking about. In any case, just like any branch of Torah study, it is an intense discipline requiring dedication to study and a high level of personal purity. It seems doubtful that this man who admits that he does not observe the Torah commandments even nows what he is speaking about.”

When asked if he thought rabbis  and mystics should become involved in the war in Ukraine, Rabbi Berger was not convinced it would help.

“The Pulsa diNura is invoked against the enemies of Israel,” he said. “It is not so clear that Putin is an enemy of Israel. he has not told Israel to give up any of the Promised Land. The war is between Russia and Ukraine, and both have a history of treating Jews horribly. The conflict seems to be both sides trying to act stronger than the other. If they really wanted, they could work harder at calming the situation. This is also true of the other world leaders.”