Oct 06, 2022
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A recent report based on newly revealed court documents revealed that while serving as Attorney General in California, Vice President Kamala Harris colluded with abortion providers in order to bring criminal charges against David Daleiden, a pro-life journalist who secretly recorded Planned Parenthood officials boasting that they sold fetal material harvested during abortions. The report claims that while AG, Harris cooperated with the abortion providers, giving them material seized in a police raid on Daleiden’s apartment while cooperating on legislation that would criminalize future investigations and revelations about the abortion clinics.

Videos showing Planned Parenthood sells fetal material

In 2015, Daleidan released secret recordings he had made showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing fees for human fetal tissue and organs.

Fox News reported that Attorney General Harris charged Daleidan with violating a state eavesdropping law. As part of the investigation against him, Harris’ office seized materials from Daleiden’s apartment in 2016 including then-unreleased undercover video footage of Planned Parenthood. 

Daleiden’s attorneys are now claiming that during court proceedings in May, Harris-appointee Deputy Attorney General Johnette Jauron effectively admitted that Harris abused the powers of her office by turning over all of the seized material, including that footage to the National Abortion Federation (NAF). At the time, the NAF was involved in a civil suit against Daleiden. 

Jauron responded to a query by the judge in the criminal proceedings regarding the evidence in his civil trial by saying that she had “provided NAF with everything that I provided Defendant [Daleiden],” implying she had given the materials seized in the criminal investigation in 2016 to the NAF, which, if true, would have constituted prosecutorial misconduct. 

Daleidan’s lawyers followed this revelation by petitioning San Francisco’s superior court to compel the AG’s office to provide their correspondence with NAF, Planned Parenthood, and others that would show whether and to what extent they had communicated the information seized in the criminal investigation. 

The AG responded to this petition by rejecting that they had given the material to the organizations:

“The exchange reflects that there were multiple issues being discussed by the multiplh 23, 2016 meeting with Planned Parenthood executives. It was later revealed that at the same time, Harris coordinated with senior Planned Parenthood executives on legislation that amended the penal code, making the acts of recording and disseminating communications with health care providers a crime. The legislation was passed just two weeks before the raid on Daleiden’s apartment.

Under the auspices of Harris, the California AG office brought multiple charges against Daleiden. Five of those charges were dropped by a judge who ruled that “there is an absence of probable cause to establish that these conversations were ‘confidential communications’ as defined by the statute.”

It is illegal for abortion clinics to sell fetal material but despite Daleidan’s videos, neither Harris nor her predecessor, Xavier Becerra (currently serving as the secretary of health and human services for the Biden Administration) have ever investigated the revelations made in the videos that show the Planned Parenthood officials admitting to violating the law by selling fetal material.

Becerra ultimately filed 15 charges against Daleiden and Merritt, and automatically refiled more charges after 14 of them were thrown out.

Daleiden has responded by filing a lawsuit alleging that the AG conspired to violate his First Amendment rights.

“Planned Parenthood, NAF, and the California Attorney General beginning with Kamala Harris colluded to silence my reporting on illegal fetus trafficking and to obstruct justice in ongoing investigations of their practices,” Daleiden told Fox News.

He continued: “After the new evidence in NAF and Planned Parenthood attorney billing records of illegal collusion with the Attorney General’s office, and the on-the-record admissions from the prosecutor, the Superior Court has now ordere participants in the conversation, and while somewhat inartful and overbroad, neither of the identified sentences provide a factual basis upon which this court can find the existence of relevant evidence,” the AG’s response read. “There is none.”

Jauron added that her statement had been “taken out of context,” adding that contrary to her previous statement, she had not provided the NAF with any material, adding, “I have not provided any materials seized pursuant to a search warrant in this case to any unauthorized recipient.”

The claim of collusion was bolstered by 2016 billing from NAF’s attorneys indicating close cooperation with the Attorney General’s office. Perhaps most compelling was a bill by the attorneys for $262.50 to “coordinate review of new videos” marked for April 6, 2016 – the day after police raided Daleiden’s apartment. 

The billing also noted requests by NAF attorneys from the AG office for computers and electronic devices seized in the raid.

Planned Parenthood and Harris work together to criminalize investigations

It should also be noted that Daleiden’s home was raided just weeks after Harris’ Marced the Attorney General to produce further testimony about the extent of the office’s coordination with Big Abortion special interests in manufacturing the bogus and unconstitutional charges against me and my colleagues. No matter how hard Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris, and their associates have tried, the truth can no longer be buried.”

It should also be noted that the decision to block the release of the videos was rendered by District Judge William Orrick III who is a pro-abortion activist and frequent donator to Planned Parenthood. Orrick has referred to Daleiden on social media as a “domestic terrorist.”

Fox contacted the California attorney general’s office, Jauron, and the VIce Presidents’ office for comment but received no response. 

Harris has a longstanding relationship with Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations who reportedly gave Harris a combined $81,000 for her campaigns to become California’s attorney general and later, US senator.