Jun 23, 2021


Students for Justice in Palestine, a confrontational and often violent anti-Israel student organization, is offering a “summer school” course for its cadre of campus instigators.

The eight-hour online course, which spans from June to August, is being billed as the national organization’s first-ever “Student Strategizing Sessions.” 

“As Palestinians across historic Palestine pursue popular uprising amidst compounded colonial violence, the need for the student movement to build our collective power and pursue collaborative, sustained action on our campuses is now more vital than ever,” the group announced in a June 4 tweet.

The goal of the course is to “Facilitate regional & national power-mapping and strengthen regional relationships, to identify common and major goals, challenges, allies, and targets and build out the infrastructure to collectively pursue them.”

The course intends to “Develop the tools, resources, and coordination for chapters to collectively pursue campaigns and direct actions in the upcoming academic year.”

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), often referred to as “Hamas on Campus,” is the leading promoter of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement on U.S. college campuses. BDS has been deemed an anti-Semitic movement according to the State Department’s (and 31 other nations’) definition of anti-Semitism.

SJP, which calls for the dissolution of the State of Israel, disavows any dialogue with those it deems Zionists, who they regularly brand as Nazis and white supremacists. SJP activists intimidate and harass Jewish and pro-Israel university students and aggressively disrupt pro-Israel campus events. 

SJP chapters nationwide, which number at least 200, support and have been linked to terror groups. They receive funding, in part, from American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), an Islamist organization that provides speakers, training, printed materials and the a so-called “Apartheid Wall” for SJP’s signature campus event, the annual “Israel Apartheid Week.” 

SJP’s University of Massachusetts Amherst chapter recently launched a campaign to “flood” the email inbox of the school’s chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy.

The email features a list of demands made by the student group including calls to publicly demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian cause, end all study abroad trips to Israeli educational institutions, wage an academic boycott against Israel and disclose any business dealings of the university with Israeli companies or companies with ties to Israel’s defense ministry.