Apr 21, 2021


After Israel365 News reported on an interview with the New York Times in which Democratic hopeful Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment to “automatically” re-enter Obama’s nuclear JCPOA nuclear deal of 2015, Pro-Israel Christian leaders from across the spectrum responded to the development.

‘Biden wants to return the world to a dangerous place’

“After incredible progress toward a much safer Israel and Middle East because President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the historic, rightful capital of the Jewish state, recognized the Golan Heights, pushed back against the terror regime of Iran, and forged a re-alignment of Middle Eastern countries who formally recognize Israel, Joe Biden wants to return the world to a dangerous place” Former Gov. Arkansas MIke Huckabee told Israel365 News. “The Biden goal to placate Iran is suicidal and foolish.  His lukewarm attitude about security for Israel is appalling, and his “America Last” doctrine will be disastrous.”

Mike Huckabee at the Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem. (Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

‘An Atomic Iran with a Atomic umbrella’

Meanwhile Dr. Mike Evans, Founder Friends of Zion Heritage Center doesn’t see it coming to fruition telling Israel365 News: “it will never happen Israel and the Gulf states will prevent it knowing it would guarantee an Atomic Iran with a Atomic umbrella.” In a reference to a potential attack on Israel and America, Evans added that “Iran will use a proxy to attempt to punish the little satan and the great satan before that happens.”

Portrait of Mike Evans, manager of the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, on May 16, 2017. (Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90)

‘A deal is only as good as all the parties involved’

“What Mr. Biden and other current world leaders who are signatories to the Iran Nuclear Deal seem to have glossed over, or ignored altogether, is the fact that a deal is only as good as all the parties involved” Earl Cox, Founder of Israel Always told Israel365 News.  “Iran is not a trustworthy player.  They have repeatedly been tagged in violation of the agreement and are today closer to possessing a nuclear weapon than ever before.”

“Iran has crossed over the famous red line multiple times in defiance of the agreement yet Israel seems to be the only nation in the world keeping a watchful eye. Israel is under no illusions knowing the clear and present danger Iran posses to Israel and the entire world. More pressure should be placed on Iran, not less.  If the U.S. re-enters the agreement, it will be perceived by Iran as weakness” he added.


‘ A complete and total disaster’

Christine Darg, founder Exploits Ministry reaches worldwide on TV doubts that Biden will even be inaugurated to implement his plans telling Israel365 News.: “Obviously Biden’s plan would be a complete and total disaster, but there are MANY evangelical Christians who believe that Biden will never enter the Oval Office. We are in a big battle over the fate of the USA and Israel’s connection with the USA. Have you noticed how born-again believers such as Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn, attorney Lin Wood, Jenna Ellis, Kayleigh Macenany are spearheading the fierce battle over the USA?”

The deal was deeply flawed

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) co-executive director Shari Dollinger disagrees with the decision telling Israel365 News.: “CUFI does not believe a return to the JCPOA is the right course of action. The deal was deeply flawed, and Iran has never ceased its malign activities. Only a comprehensive agreement that addresses Iran’s nuclear program, support for terrorism, missile development, and human rights violations, will achieve what is necessary to return Iran to the community of nations.”

If any nation attempts to harm Israel, it will bring a curse

Pastor Pastor Larry Huch of Larry Huch Ministries is “very concerned” about the development reminding world leaders about the Bible telling Israel365 News.: “Every leader in the world would be wise to understand what God says about Israel in the Bible: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”


“This is so serious because if any nation attempts to harm Israel in anyway it will bring a curse upon them and their people. On the other hand if we support Israel, God’s blessing will come upon us. Thus we stand with the nation of Israel in opposition to any government, policy or terror group whose mission it is to bring any type of destruction or boycott against Israel. We support policies like the Abraham Accords that seek to normalize relations between the Arab states and Israel. This will bring great peace and great prosperity on all those involvedHuch noted.