29 Nov, 2020

As the entire world is still trying to adjust to the new reality that the coronavirus pandemic has brought upon us, here in Israel, the question of feeding the country’s hungry gets a lot more complicated.

That’s because soup kitchens, that were once considered gathering centers for the impoverished to fill their bellies, have been ordered to be closed down.

Thankfully, one organization in the Jewish state is making some innovative adjustments to ensure that Israel’s impoverished population gets the food they so desperately need – whether they’re stuck at home, or even in quarantine. That organization is Meir Panim.

Meir Panim is a non-profit organization that provides food to Israel’s downtrodden. They have now taken innovative steps to ensure that the new government limitations won’t leave anyone in Israel’s impoverished community without a warm meal.

For example, new government restrictions have banned gatherings of ten or more people in public spaces. So Meir Panim is responding by providing hot meals from their soup-kitchens as take-away meals.The take-away containers are ready at their branches and are packed up for their clients to drop by and pick up their meals. Additionally, the Meals on Wheels program has significantly expanded its meal delivery program to meet the growing demands of our patrons who are confined to their homes.

These dramatic adjustments throw organizations like Meir Panim into a whirlwind of activity. Combined with the added costs of a new Take-Away infrastructure, and the expansion of the Meals on Wheels program, Meir Panim, and more importantly Israel’s hungry, are in trouble. They need help…desperately.

It is to share your bread with the hungry, And to take the wretched poor into your home; When you see the naked, to clothe him, And not to ignore your own kin. (Isaiah 58:7)

But thankfully, that’s where you can step up. That’s because Meir Panim is currently launching an emergency fundraising campaign to ensure that Israel’s impoverished continue receiving their daily hot meals.

This is your chance to help out by donating whatever you can to Meir Panim. https://give.meirpanim.org/coronavirus

 He who is generous to the poor makes a loan to Hashem; He will repay him his due (Proverbs 19:17)