Jun 26, 2022
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Responding to reports of an upcoming Israeli-Arab Peace summit hosted by the Trump administration, former MK Moshe Feiglin said that the result of this initiative will be a “war.

Moshe Feiglin, a former parliament member and current head of the Zehut party took to social media saying that the “outcome of Trump’s upcoming Peace summit, like all previous peace summits, will be a war”.

Moshe Feiglin (credit: Facebook)

“To comprehend this, one must understand that the objective of a “Palestinian” is not sovereignty (for this non-nation) in Israel but rather the elimination of Jewish sovereignty” Feiglin added.

In the post, the party leader recalled former British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin who admitted at the end of the British mandate that the objective of the Arabs in Palestine is to ensure that the Jews never have a state.

“Nothing has changed since then” Feiglin continued. “They don’t want a state, they just want to ensure that we don’t have one. They have bever demanded a state in the ‘territories’ when it was under Jordanian and Egyptian control. They will always demand the final square inch of Jewish governed land” he said.

“Therefore, every peace attempt will always lead to another round of bloodshed” Feiglin added.

Feiglin’s party, Zehut, is the only current political party that has publically endorsed building the Third Temple although it is not necessarily at the forefront of their agenda. The Zehut party is also Israel’s only libertarian party who promotes free-market capitalism but also the annexation of all of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.