Jun 26, 2022
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A report in Israel’s daily Ynet revealed that the Trump administration will be holding a peace conference for Arab leaders in Camp David. The summit is scheduled to take place before Israel’s September elections. According to the report, President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as well as senior Middle East affairs advisers will tour the Middle East visiting six different countries in the region to personally invite various leaders. The tour includes a stop in Israel.

At the Camp David summit, President Trump will present his plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

A source in Washington told Ynet that PM Netanyahu will not be invited to the summit. The reason is that it will make it more difficult for Arab leaders to willingly participate despite the fact that the Israeli Ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, was reportedly involved in the planning of the event. Ambassador Dermer reportedly traveled to Israel to speak with Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding the summit.

Although the details of Trump’s plans still remain vague, it was also reported that President Trump will not discuss a Palestinian state but rather an “entity”. Additionally, it was reported that Trump will indicate an Arab presence in East Jerusalem. However, he will not refer to is in terms of serving as a capital for any future Palestinian state.

That will allow Netanyahu to endorse Trump for his efforts but at the same time, it will also let him express his reservations.

Both Kushner’s peace team and the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC declined to comment.