01 Nov, 2020

The residents of the former community of Amona are receiving 36 temporary housing structures in area belonging to their new community of Amichai.

“After a long struggle by the residents of Amona and the incredible efforts of the head of the Benjamin Regional Council and its employees, we are privileged to see the establishment of a new town in Judea and Samaria,” the Binyamin Region Council responded in a statement.

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Located north of Jerusalem, Amona was situated in the Binyamin region, which largely consists of territory that was allotted to the Israelite tribe of Benjamin. After being found by Israel’s Supreme Court to have been built on private property, the town was demolished, and an alternative location more north and near the city of Shiloh was subsequently reserved for the community’s new town of Amichai.

“For the first time since the establishment of the settlement enterprise, a community has been officially established at the initiative of the State and by the Council,” the statement continued.

Despite witnessing the demolition of Amona, spokesman for the new community of Amichai, Avichai Boaron, is experiencing a sense of redemption.

“Israel is building a new community in Judea and Samaria, in the light of day, not as thieves in the night,” he noted. “This is redemption, and this is glory.”