Sep 27, 2022
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Police say Operation Locked Garden, the eviction of residents from the Samarian community of Amona, is in its final stages. Most of the families and their supporters are no longer in Amona, and the police are preparing to oust the last residents and their diehard supports still there.

About 100 people still in the outpost. When the operation began yesterday, there were over a thousand people there.  Eviction operations went on throughout the night, and by daybreak, the majority of the residents and their supporters were no longer there.

The evicted residents are currently staying at a school in the nearby settlement of Ofra. It is unclear how long they will have to be in these makeshift conditions, and where they will go to until new homes have been built for them.

Teams from the Defense Ministry have entered the outpost, and are carefully packaging and containerizing all the residents’ personal effects, which will be warehoused until the residents tell them where to ship it.