On its 40th anniversary, Hezbollah unleashes videos threatening Israel

On Monday, a mass rally in southern Beirut marked the culmination of a two-month celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of Hezbollah.

To mark the occasion, the terrorist organization released several videos. Many of which depicted the destruction of Israel.
One video gave updates on their military and regional developments. Several videos depicted a direct attack on Tel Aviv, identifiable by the triad geometric triangle-circle-square buildings of the Azrieli center. Another video depicted a missile attack destroying the Knesset in Jerusalem.
Another video depicted a drone strike targeting Israel’s offshore natural gas facilities.

This video was intended to derail negotiations between the Israeli and Lebanese governments concerning offshore natural gas deposits. Last month, the ID shot down three Hezbollah drones flying over the Karish gas field in the Mediterranean Sea.
Yet another video gave the alleged map coordinates of sensitive military sites in Israel.
This video represented a new twist on an old threat. Hezbollah is believed to have over 150,000 missiles, but they are believed to be old and inaccurate. Hezbollah claims that it has been upgrading its arsenal using Iranian technology to increase its accuracy.
Hezbollah has been a US-designated terrorist group since 1997 and supports the regime of President Bashar Assad in the ongoing Syrian civil war. Hezbollah represents over one-third of the Lebanese parliament, and its military is arguably more powerful than the Syrian government’s army.

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