Islamic terrorist turned Israel-lover speaks out after visiting Jerusalem

Noor Dahri is a Pakistani-born Muslim counter-terrorism expert.

The reason he is a couter-terrorism expert is because according to Channel 14, he was a member of a terror organization. Now, Dahri is a self-proclaimed Zionist. It was a decision he made with family-severing consequences during Operation Cast Lead. “I was the only Muslim or only Pakistani who openly supported Israel at that time. Back then, I was already religious. I was writing religious things about the Koran. I had a vast circle of religious people reading. So they were not expecting that I would support ‘Protective Edge,” he said in an interview with Heritage.

Dahri also explains that there are many misconceptions about the true teaching of the Koran, like that Jihad is an inner struggle and not a ‘war’ against others and that the Al Aksa Mosque doesn’t belong to Muslims even though it’s their third holiest site.

During his visit to Israel, Dahri said in an interview with Channel 14 that he was shocked to see that the Western Wall, a Jewish prayer site, was so tolerant of him despite his Islamic faith.

Dahri added that Islam does not encourage the entire world to convert but rather to be monotheistic, saying: “Islam never said that the world would be the Muslim or well should be the Muslim. No, as long as the people believe in God, it’s fine. Jewish believe in God, no problem. They have no problem. There’s no conversion in Islam.”

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