Central Israel: Rabbi thanks God after overpowering terrorist trying to kill him

Rabbi Shneur Yitzhakov, a Chabad emissary in the central Israeli city of Ra’anana, was stabbed on Sunday by a 17-year-old Arab terrorist who is also a resident of the city.

In an interview with 103FM Radio, Rabbi Yitzhakov recalled the attack saying, “A couple in Ra’anana required counseling. When I completed my session with them and left in the direction of the crosswalk, I locked eyes with a man beside me the crosswalk. His stare just compelled me. It was burning like a fire. This murderous gaze was heavily directed at me. I did not understand what was going on.”

“I looked back and saw a cross on his chest, and I thought it was weird. Then I looked at his side and caught a glimpse of a blade protruding behind him. He simply slipped out the knife from behind him, a knife with a light blue handle. At that instant, I looked into his eyes again, and it looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets. He then shouted, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and drew the knife. I already jumped on and attacked him, and we began fighting.”

Yitzhakov added, “This all happened in the crosswalk. There was no one else there. We were fighting hard. I overpowered him. He tried to stab my upper torso, but I did not let him. I kicked him and punched him. Finally, I sat on top of him. The man I had just counseled heard the screams and came over. He kicked the teenage Arab assailant in the back of his head. Once I sat on him, his knife fell out of his hand. I released him for a second to grab the knife. At that moment, he escaped from me and began running. I took the knife and gave chase.”

The rabbi said that the police told him they were in the initial stages of the investigation.

“The Arab stabbed me several times in the legs,” Yitzhakov recounted, “so my legs are bandaged, but I am standing on my feet, thanks to God, blessed be He.”

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