Israel to join US in surrendering health authority to WHO

“This agenda has already been decided,” Feiglin told Israel365 News. “There won’t be any debate or decision process. What has been discussed and said already is only the tip of the iceberg. The actual decision will be far more extreme in removing the rights of the individuals.”

WHO, France and Dabbling in Anti-Semitism

It is astonishing that World Health Organization is so concerned by impact of occupation on Palestinian health, when they have high life expectancy and low infant mortality, while the nations behind this rush to accuse Israel have a miserable public health record

Polio Eradicated in All Countries Except Three; Israel Will Help to Wipe It Out

Poliomyelitis has been one of the most dreaded word among parents in the world. In the early 20th century, polio was one of the most feared diseases in developed countries, paralyzing hundreds of thousands of children every year. Even in the U.S., parents kept their children out of school when they heard of a child with polio.

Israeli Researchers Turn Turkey and Human Excrement Into Safe Fuel

The Bible is not shy about discussing unmentionable, unpleasant and embarrassing subjects, even what to do with human excrement. Strict rules of Jewish law address all aspects of everyday life including public sanitation and personal hygiene. These rules are very important in Jewish practices, demanding a high standard of public health required of leaders as well as the individual.

Importance of Flu Shots for Pregnant Women

Flu season is coming to the northern hemisphere as autumn and winter are about to arrive. The Influenza vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization is the best way to risk complications that include pneumonia; inflammation of the heart (myocarditis), brain (encephalitis) or muscle (myositis, rhabdomyolysis) tissues; and multi-organ failure).