A Pregnant Pause to Consider Vaccine Denial

The grieving relatives of the Israeli mother and fetus who died of COVID-19 should not have to argue with anti-coronavirus-vaxxers, whose arrogance is outweighed only by their ignorance.

PA Slow to Secure Covid-19 Vaccines, so it Decides to Blame Israel

Timeline of the PA vaccine activities and libel blaming Israel:‎ Nov. 21, 2020:‎ PA meets with WHO, UNICEF, UNRWA “to ensure that Palestine is provided ‎with adequate Coronavirus vaccines” (Israel not invited)‎ Dec. 12, 2020:‎ PA orders “four million doses of the Russian vaccine… expected in Palestine by ‎the end of this year” (Israel’s help not […]

How Israel Became a World Leader in Vaccination

In the meantime, the spread of the virus continues to shutter schools and force people into quarantine, as our family has had to do twice this year. Hopefully the new year will bring new hope.

A Wonderful Letter

We don’t hear you which is probably why over 50% of Israelis will not line up for the vaccines.


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