Let UNRWA Die Already

The demise of the United Nations Relief Works Agency for Palestine Refugees is long overdue. Let’s hope that Commissioner-General Lazzarini is right to be worried.

Biden’s Reward to UNRWA for Bad Behavior

Every syllable of the “Framework for Cooperation” between the United States and the U.N agency is a lie, but journalists were bowled over by the inclusion of “anti-Semitism” in the document’s list of false denunciations.

Hamas admits it hid military behind civilians; UNRWA finds terror tunnel under its school

Last month, the IDF was tasked with protecting Israelis from a genocidal attack of over 4,000 rockets fired from Gaza targeting civilians. Recent revelations show that this task was made even more difficult by Hamas intentionally inserting military hardware and terrorists inside civilian structures in Gaza. The horrific lengths they went to were emphasized when […]

REPORT: UNRWA Promotes Anti-Semitic Hate, Incitement in Schools

The study found that a school “exercise describes ‘pieces of corpses’ being dispersed throughout city streets to teach grade-nine spelling” and in Arab schools, Israel “is solely referred to as ‘the Enemy’ or ‘the Occupation’ and is erased from maps of the region.”