Let UNRWA Die Already

The demise of the United Nations Relief Works Agency for Palestine Refugees is long overdue. Let’s hope that Commissioner-General Lazzarini is right to be worried.

Engaging with the UN Human Rights Council

It’s a real American conundrum—namely, because the majority of its member states are illiberal autocracies, and yet, the only country to have its record scrutinized as a fixed agenda item is Israel.

Israeli Supermarket Owner Sues the UN in Jerusalem

The group also claimed that the UNHRC was “violating its own charter by specifically singling out Jewish-owned businesses as no businesses in Judea and Samaria owned by Arab citizens of Israel made the list. 

Experts Reveal Fallacies in UN Inquiry on Gaza Report

Following the testimony, hundreds gathered for the historic “Rally for Equal Rights” to protest UNHRC’s unprecedented assault on Israel, in which the council targeted the Jewish state in seven biased reports.


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