In Search of Uganda’s Incredible Jews

The name Entebbe is one that conjures indelible images for most Israelis. In 1976, an Air France plane with 248 passengers on-board was hijacked on its way from Tel Aviv to Paris. The hijackers eventually flew the plane to Entebbe, Uganda – the place where Israel launched one of the most daring rescue missions in military history.

Ugandan Birthright Group Dances in Jerusalem

After spending two days in the north, the MaromUganda Taglit-Birthright Israel group enters Jerusalem with singing and dancing. The first group of young Ugandan Jews to come to Israel, they spent Shabbat in Israel’s capital.

Uganda Jews Make First Birthright

Hundreds if not thousands of young Jews visit Israel for the first time each year. Most come from North and South America and Europe. However, Birthright brought a group of young Ugandan Jews to Israel for the very first time.