10,000-tree forest to be planted in Samaria to celebrate ten years of Israel365

The act of planting trees figures prominently in the Bible. “I will plant cedars in the wilderness, Acacias and myrtles and oleasters; I will set cypresses in the desert, Box trees and elms as well,” reads the 41st chapter of the book of Isaiah. “That men may see and know, Consider and comprehend That Hashem’s […]

Israel violates Sabbatical commandment to protect Land from hostile takeover

This Hebrew year is the Shemittah (Sabbatical) and it is technically forbidden to plant trees. Rabbi Dov Lior and other prominent rabbinic authorities have given permission for the KKL planting to be carried out as it is of dire importance “for the struggle for the Land of Israel, and called on all Knesset members to come to the Negev to make the desert bloom.”