Relating to Israel Under the Erev Rav (Mixed Multitude)

The Erev Rav who govern Israel are absolutely thrilled with this dynamic. So long as the Dati Leumi and the Charedim loathe one another, or at least live in completely separate worlds, the Erev Rav are the biggest winners.

Jethro: A Timeless Model for Jews and Christians

As Jews and Christians strive to exalt God in all our actions, while Jethro wasn’t present physically at Mt. Sinai, being a gentile, it underscores vividly how Jews and Christians need to stand together.

Pharaoh’s Playbook and the Path to Redemption

There is nothing new under the sun. No matter the situation, we can find precedent and guidance in the Torah. There is a lot of noise out there; we must tune it out and take refuge in the timeless lessons waiting quietly in our holy books.

Another Passover

The idea of observing a second Passover is God’s gift of a do-over.

Everything’s at Rest

Everything seems to be taking a deep breath, resting, as it were.  It’s as if God is making a statement.  It shows us that there is a greater Power in charge of it all, because so much of what is happening is beyond our control.