First Thanksgiving Feast Set Stage for Ezekiel Prophecy

Thanksgiving as a secular holiday is an opportunity for families to gather, but the original feast celebrated by the Puritans could very well have been a conscious move towards the coming together of Judah and Israel, as foretold in the Book of Ezekiel.

LISTEN: Rabbi Pesach Wolicki on what he is grateful for on Thanksgiving  

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki grew up in Canada, where Thanksgiving is not celebrated to the extent of American Thanksgiving. However, his thoughts on the holiday have changed over the years. “As the years have gone on, and I’ve appreciated what Thanksgiving is, I found it to be a very, very meaningful day,” he says. “Thanksgiving is a […]

Thanksgiving: Pilgrims’ antisemitism inherited by Kanye, Kyrie

The recent surge in antisemitism from the black community regurgitates age-old tropes, namely that another group has replaced the Jews as God’s Chosen People. When Christianity first broke off from Judaism 2,000 years ago, the younger religion claimed that their “New” Testament replaced the “Old” one, and that they were the New Israel. Known as […]

Thanksgiving’s founders who loved the Bible, but not the Jews

Raised in an Orthodox Jewish home in the United States, my family along with most others in our community embraced Thanksgiving with a religious devotion nearly on par with our own Jewish festivals. We celebrated the American holiday each fall with a quasi-ritual meal, offering up thanks and appreciating the religious freedom America offered. As […]

#Giving Tuesday, 24 Bible Verses About Giving

Today is #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Giving Tuesday marks the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It was devised as a way of helping to focus people’s minds on not only receiving – gifts etc. – during the Christmas and holiday season, […]

5 Reasons to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, this year November 22, was inaugurated in 1621 by the colonial Pilgrims who wanted to show their gratitude for having a productive harvest which provided satisfying meals. Thanksgiving continues to be a day upon which most Americans gather with family and friends for feasting and counting their blessings.


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