Jewish graves vandalized in South Africa

Vandals desecrated four graves in the city of Strand, South Africa, in the second such attack in six months. Police fear a neo-Nazi cell might be responsible.

Whale Swallows Man…But Spits Him Out [WATCH]

A tour guide was swimming off the coast of South Africa when a huge form came up out of the deep, catching him in its mouth in a very Biblical manner. It seems the man did not taste enough like a messenger from God because the whale immediately spat him out.

Which Countries are Apartheid States?

Although Israel is frequently accused of being an “apartheid state,” few of those who hear the accusation and none of those who make it understand what it actually means.

Worldwide Torah Awakening is Prophesied B’nei Efraim Returning

Back in their respective countries, each share a love for Israel, are Shabbat and festival observant and “eat clean” similar to the strict Kashrut standards by which Orthodox Jews hold. But they did not grow up observing these traditions – many began as traditional Christians only to stumble on a Bible passage that sparked their interest in returning to the roots of the Christian tradition – the Hebrew Bible.

South African Christians March in Support of Israel

Hundreds of South African Christians gathered in Pretoria yesterday afternoon to march in solidarity and support of Israel. They also presented their government with a memorandum, protesting its decision to withdraw its ambassador following violence at the Israel-Gaza border.