Jerusalem of White

An Aerial view of Jerusalem’s recent snowstorm. Blanketed in white, Jerusalem is truly a city of peace and serenity.

Blessed Snow

Enjoy this scene from snowy Jerusalem as one woman thanks everyone for the prayers that brought the blessed whiteness to the holy city.

Saving Snowy Lives

The IDF helps extricate a Palestinian man from a stormy future during last week’s Hebron snowstorm.

A Tour Inside of a Mobile Command and Control Vehicle: VIDEO

Irene Aharon, Paramedic and Dispatcher with Magen David Adom (MDA) gives a tour of the most advanced Command Truck in the world which was planned, developed and built for the MDA. The National Command and Control Vehicle is built on the frame of a truck and fitted out in the UK with equipped and is […]

Golani Soldiers Train in the Hermon

A rare glimpse into the routine operational and strategic point of Israel’s Golani soldiers. IDF soldiers prepare to defend the northern border despite the snowstorms. Click here to support the LIBI Fund, the official fund of the IDF