Worldwide Torah Awakening is Prophesied B’nei Efraim Returning

Back in their respective countries, each share a love for Israel, are Shabbat and festival observant and “eat clean” similar to the strict Kashrut standards by which Orthodox Jews hold. But they did not grow up observing these traditions – many began as traditional Christians only to stumble on a Bible passage that sparked their interest in returning to the roots of the Christian tradition – the Hebrew Bible.

Jerusalem’s Old City Celebrates Simchat Torah

Despite the weekend violence in the Old City, hundreds of Jews gathered in its narrow streets to celebrate the holiday of Simchat Torah, in which people dance with the Torah to commemorate receiving the Word of God through Moses on Mt. Sinai. This beautiful video proves that, as the dancers chant, “The eternal nation does […]

The Last Simhat Torah in the Warsaw Ghetto

Any illusions that some may have once had about the intentions of the Germans, or even their presumed humanity, had been upended by their tormentors’ brutishness and savagery.


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