Running Like The Benjamin Man: Bible Run is Prophecy Fulfilled

Men dressed in white and wearing ancient tarbooka drums around their necks stand on the edges of the ancient hills of the Shomron. Then, the sound of the shofar breaks the silence and with its blast a pack of runners begin their journey through the lavish orchards, aromatic vineyards and layers of voluptuous greenery that was once – and is still today – the heart of Israel.

NFL Players Awed By God’s Presence in the Holy Land

Barely one week after the Super Bowl, seven of the top NFL players are on a six-day tour of Israel after landing in the Jewish state on Tuesday night. Their visit has already evoked feelings of awe and wonder at the sense of spirituality and connection with God in the land of Israel.


Prophecy from the Bible is revealing itself as we speak. Israel365 News is the only media outlet reporting on it.

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