Hezbollah is Still in Charge in Lebanon

The Beirut port disaster dealt the terror group a blow, but its ability to shift its arms and narcotics-smuggling operations to other locations will enable it to maintain its grip on the country.

Netanyahu: Israel Stopped Airplane Terror Attacks in Europe

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a group of ambassadors from several of NATO countries that Israeli intelligence had prevented “several dozen major terrorist attacks” on European cities, including some 9-11 type plots that “involved civil aviation”.

Guarding American Interests in the Sunni-Shiite War

Shoshana Bryen

The rapid (although not unpredicted) entry of radical Sunni jihadists into Mosul, Tikrit and other largely Sunni areas of Iraq, and their movement toward Baghdad, has prompted cries from left, right and center about the failure of U.S. policies in the region.


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