Russian General accuses Israel of harvesting organs in Ukraine

In a recent interview, a Russian general accused the Ukrainian military of harvesting the organs of Russian POWs and sending them to labs in Israel. After being divested of their organs, the bodies were burned “like in Auschwitz” since “they are heirs of Hitler.” Ynet News reported on Thursday that in an interview with Russian […]

Is the Russian-Ukrainian conflict a religious war?

The Russian Orthodox Church has been strongly pro-Putin, calling his rule a “miracle of God.”  Russian Patriarch Kirill publicly blessed the Russian invasion of Ukraine and promised forgiveness of sin to Russian soldiers who died in the war.  Putin views the invasion as a religious imperative. In a 2021 article published on the Kremlin’s official […]

2022: The Year FUD Took Off

The ideas and institutions that anchored us in the past are falling away, yet the shape of our new era remains unclear.

Ingathering of the exiles: How Christians are helping to save Ukrainian Jews 

The war in Ukraine is horrific, creating a humanitarian crisis that has brought suffering to Ukraine’s 43 million people. Like so many times before, the Jews in Ukraine are facing an existential threat, but today they have a home to flee to and for the first time in history, devout Christians are expressing their love […]