15 Reasons Why Christians Fast on Yom Kippur

The messages of Yom Kippur are resonating with Christians all over the world. Although it’s impossible to know exactly how many Christians join the worldwide Jewish community in fasting from sundown to sundown on Yom Kippur, Israel365 News found that Christians who had voluntarily accepted the Yom Kippur fast were anxious to talk about their experiences.

Hashem Said Yes

This is the post I’ve been waiting eight years to write. What seemed utterly impossible just a short time ago suddenly, and I mean suddenly, became absolutely possible. In the end, the whole story is one giant Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of God’s Name).

Day of Atonement, Day of the Bicycles

There is only one day in the Jewish year when it is quite safe for children to ride their bicycles – of course with a suitable helmet and preferably knee and shoulder pads – in the usually busy streets and highways of Israel. It is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, which will be observed this year – from sunset on Tuesday, September 18 and will end about 25 hours later on Wednesday 19.

Temple Mount Closed For Jewish Holidays

Rosh Hashanah begins Sunday evening and ends Tuesday evening. The second day of the Jewish holiday coincides with the Arabic Hijri New Year. Though not considered a major Muslim holiday, the Israel Police has decided that Hijri takes precedence over the Jewish holiday and have closed the Temple Mount to Jews.

Israel’s Tourism Boom Continues, Will it Welcome Record Number of Pilgrims?

It has been apparent for the last few years that Israel is experiencing a tourism boom – and the latest figures from the country’s Ben Gurion International Airport support this. According to Globes, August saw a record 2.7 million arrivals and departures – the airport’s busiest month in its history and a 10-percent increase on August 2017.