Cultural Appropriation and the Jews

Irving, West, the Black Israelites, the Nation of Islam and their ilk have no choice but to demonize the Jews, because Jewish endurance and legitimacy expose the fraud at the heart of their invented identity.

Qatar’s Farcical World Cup Begins

Qatar’s censorship on behalf of its Iranian ally aligns with the sly, underhanded manner through which it used its wealth and influence for the purpose of bribing FIFA into awarding Doha the 2022 World Cup, an outcome that former FIFA President Sepp Blatter now belatedly admits was “a mistake.”

Tus Airways to fly between Israel and Qatar for World Cup

Tus Airways has received permission to operate flights between Israel and Qatar in advance of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Cypriot airline announced on Sunday. The festival of soccer will be held in the Gulf nation from November 20 to December 18. Since Israel and Qatar do not have diplomatic relations, it is impossible […]

The Generals’ Marvelous Doha Adventure

The resignation from the Brookings Institute of former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan Gen. (ret.) John Allen could have massive implications for Israel.

Once Again, Qatar Saves Hamas

It already underwrites the power plant in the Gaza Strip and sends financial aid to 100,000 Palestinian residents there every month through a U.N. voucher system. In fact, it pretty much props up the entire mini-terror state.


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