Brains Like Washing Machines; Fancier Equipment Leads to More Breakdowns

A few decades ago, when washing machines and refrigerators were simple machines and had not ambitions of being advanced, they lasted for many years, even decades. Today, they are digital, with controlled temperatures, fancy lighting and other sophisticated features and need the repairman to come more often.

Parental PTSD Affects Health Behavior Among Holocaust Survivors’ Adult Children

Although Jewish Holocaust survivors – average 85 years old today – are generally considered an amazingly resilient group despite the terrors that they endured, those that suffer from post-trauma have been found to adopt harmful health behaviors like smoking, drinking alcohol and avoiding physical exercise. Unfortunately, these survivors also tend to “hand down” such behaviors to their adult children, who are now middle aged or even older.

Saving Lives Under Fire: United Hatzalah Medic

On Wednesday night a Hamas barrage of almost 200 rockets was launched at southern Israel. In addition to the powerful response by the IDF, civilian volunteers went into action, helping victims wounded in body and soul – saving lives under fire.


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