Economic Miracle in the Holy Land

What is it about Tel Aviv that spawns such incredible creativity and innovation? It’s all about an ecosystem of talented people unafraid of challenge, hard work, and ideals of changing the world.

What Does “Made in Israel” Mean to You?

This video showcases some incredible technology used in our everyday lives, all proudly “made in Israel.” Includes cultural and humanitarian achievements, as well, that have come forth from the Holy Land. Learn more about investing in the Start-Up Nation with OurCrowd

Partnering with God: The Miracle of the Startup Nation

Israel is known for many things around the world. Hummus, falafel and the Israeli pastime of Shesh-Besh (backgammon) are just a small smattering of what has become the flavors of the Land of Israel. However, what is most profound about a country founded only 66 years ago is how Israel has become an international startup superpower.