Getting Back Up When We Don’t Fall Well

Most non-Jews don’t have that same sense of being publicly held accountable (or given credit) for behaviors that affirm our responsibility to God and one another.

What Can We Expect When The Messiah Comes?

Eighteen years ago, a near-death experience altered the course of his life. Once a secular, tattooed Israeli, involved in the corrupt pursuits of secular culture, Alon Anava is now an Orthodox rabbi who speaks worldwide about the Messianic era.

2018: Majority of Israeli Immigrants Not Jewish

Last year, for the first time ever, the majority of immigrants to Israel were not Jewish. One rabbi, an expert in the relevant Torah laws, believes that by mishandling this growing dilemma, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel is creating a new nation of Amalek within our midst.

Wearing Phylacteries Almost Daily for 30 Minutes Promotes Cardiac Health

Divine Jewish law and tradition since the giving of the Torah to Moshe include commands for which no logical explanations are given: Observe a day of rest every seven days on Shabbat; wash your hands before eating; do not eat pork, let the land of Israel rest on every seventh Sabbatical year and do not […]

Israel Changed Christian Pastor’s Heart

Pastor David Decker came to Israel in 1980 as a proud evangelical Christian, with a clear agenda to preach to the Jewish people. Thirty-eight years later, he’s advocating for Israel-loving Christians around the world to “come together under the spiritual direction of the leaders of Judaism” to help inaugurate the Messianic era.

Christian Service of Israel: Changing Lives Forever

Breaking Israel News recently spoke at length with five Christians who came to Israel to be of service. They described their work here in detail and also about how living in Israel has impacted them as Christians.


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