The Spiritual Importance of Aligning With Zion

Most people think that ancient Biblical Jerusalem is within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. As a result, Christians commonly stand on the ramparts of the Old City’s walls and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Search For Temple Utensils Reveals City of Prophets

Jim Barfield’s 12-year search for the Temple utensils revealed an unexpected discovery to an Oklahoma Noahide: a powerful spiritual connection between the mountaintop Temple in Jerusalem and at Qumran, located near to the deepest spot on the planet. Just as Jerusalem was a city for priests to serve in the Temple, Barfield argues that Qumran was a center for prophecy.

Jerusalem Gathers To Remember Pittsburgh Massacre Victims

The soft singing was heard down Jaffa Street as hundreds of Jerusalem’s residents, including immigrants and tourists, from all backgrounds took part in a memorial gathering at Zion Square in Jerusalem  for the victims of the “Tree of Life” Synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh.

How Christians Can Experience a Jewish Shabbat Meal in Jerusalem

In 2016, Pastor Scott Moffatt from the Seattle Washington area came to Israel several days before a group he was leading. Looking for “some kind of cultural interaction,” he found an opportunity to have a Shabbat meal with a Jewish family in Jerusalem. The program he joined is Shabbat of a Lifetime, an organization that matches tourists who want to experience an authentic Jewish Shabbat in Jerusalem with host families.