Aliyah Tops List of $2.5 Million Gifted to Israeli Charities by John Hagee Ministries

John Hagee

Cornerstone Church, the church of Pastor John Hagee, held its 33rd annual Night to Honor Israel on Sunday with the largest donations to Holy Land going to organizations working in aliyah, or immigration to Israel. The international aliyah organization Nefesh B’Nefesh received the single largest gift, with a $500,000 donation. The Jewish Agency, which also deals in […]

IDF Announces First Ultra-Orthodox Pre-Military Academy

New Haredi Pre-Military Academy

[A Psalm] of David. Blessed be the LORD my Rock, who traineth my hands for war, and my fingers for battle (Psalms 144:1). In biblical times, all men aged 20 to 60, except priests serving in the Temple,  were expected to serve in the army.  God Himself protected those who fought in His name and in […]

Haredi Soldier Attacked in Jerusalem

An ultra-orthodox soldier  was attacked in the Meah Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem while visiting a relative on Tuesday. As he entered the area, he was greeted with a mob who chased him with sticks. The soldier, fearing for his life, managed to take shelter inside an apartment building, where he put a call into the […]

Nahal Haredi Graduates to Work the Field

For you will have a covenant with the stones of the field (Job: 5:23). New group of ultra-orthodox graduates of the Nahal Haredi Brigade to establish agricultural villages throughout Israel. The Israel Defense Force, or IDF, has long been nicknamed “the people’s army” because Israel has forced conscription for all citizens at the age of […]


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