Israel prepares to bid farewell to flocks of pelicans passing through

Israel’s strategic location as a land bridge connecting the three continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia makes it a superhighway for migrating birds. Experts estimate that half a billion birds of more than 300 different species migrate through the country twice a year, in autumn and spring.  One of the more spectacular breeds of avian […]

Perseid Meteor Shower

Thousands of people gathered in Israel’s Negev Desert to witness the Perseid Meteor Shower. Clear, moonless nights provide ideal viewing conditions, but viewers are treated to less impressive show than in previous years.

Did Hamas Recruit Falcon Terrorists?

A dead falcon was found in Southern Israel on Monday with strings attaching it to incendiary material, leading investigators to conjecture that the bird had been sent into Israel as part of the ongoing aerial arson attacks launched from Gaza.

Israel Opens First Natural History Museum in Middle East

The first natural history museum in the Middle East has opened its doors to the public. The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, also known as the Israel National Center for Biodiversity Studies, based in Tel Aviv, houses more than 5.5 million species from around the globe – with an emphasis on the flaura and fauna […]


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