Intelligence – the Mossad

And while the transition to Israeli society has come with challenges, Ethiopian Jews are beginning to occupy respected positions in academia, medicine, arts, the military, and the Knesset.

Precautionary Steps

Last week, the US deployed an aircraft carrier – the USS Abraham Lincoln – to the Persian Gulf in a move Iran characterized as “psychological warfare.” The US decision was reportedly made after Israel’s Mossad intelligence services warned about a possible plot by Iran to attack US interests in the Gulf.

Israel’s Spy Godfather, Rafi Eitan, Dies Aged 92

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Rafi Eitan “one of the heroes of the State of Israel’s intelligence service in countless acts for Israel’s security” for whom “there was no match for his wisdom, wit and endless commitment to the people of Israel and our country.”

Sharks Off Israeli Shore: Marine Mystery, Messianic Message or Mossad Hitmen?

An annual gathering of sharks off of Israel’s coast raises many questions: Why do they gather? Why only specific species and only a certain sex? Are they being trained by the Mossad? A new observation and research center may answer these questions and more that have cropped up since the sharks began inexplicably to gather every winter off the beach of Hadera.

IDF Completes ‘Fortress of Zion’ Command Center

The new bunker war room, code-named “Fortress of Zion,” is expected to ‎become fully operational in the next few weeks. It will replace the ‎current IDF bunker, dubbed “The Pit,” which was built in 1966.‎