AIDS Has Become a Chronic Disease for Those with Access to Drug ‘Cocktail’

More than three decades after plague of the AIDS virus (HIV) became known, it is still with us and has killed millions of people, most of them in the developing world. Fortunately, if patients have access to the anti-AIDS “cocktail” of drugs, the highly infectious disorder has become a chronic disease rather than one that kills its victims.

Lower Prostate Cancer Risk by Following Healthful Lifestyle

Did Methuselah, the grandfather of Noah who – according to Genesis – lived for 969 years, contract prostate cancer before meeting his Maker? If human health in biblical times was similar to that today, he probably did, because the main factor behind malignancy of the prostate, is aging. Thus, men who live long lives are unlikely to escape some problem with the prostate, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (non-cancerous enlargement of the gland that makes urination difficult) if not actual cancer.

MDA’s Human Milk Bank Saves Premature Babies

The idea to establish a human milk bank in Israel has long been in development. The pediatric care-givers community has wished such a thing existed for years. The Health Ministry requested that Magen David Adom run the project. It is specifically targeted to help save the lives of hundreds of premature babies in Israel every […]

‘Rose of Jericho’ Bugs Middle East

It certainly hasn’t reached the dimensions of the Ten Biblical Plagues, but leishmaniasis – dubbed “Rose of Jericho” because of the red rash it can cause – is a potentially disfiguring but not life-threatening skin disease. It is endemic to the Middle East, Latin America, southern Europe and other hot regions and is spreading, causing concern to Israeli parasitologists and dermatologists.  


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