Rare Recording Of Menachem Begin Announcing State of Israel Unearthed

Menachem Begin

A speech by Menachem Begin recorded just after the establishment of the State of Israel had been archived and hidden away but is now being offered for sale. Kedem Auction House announced the magnetic reel and the rights to the recording are going on auction in Jerusalem next month with an opening bid of $300,000. It is estimated the recording will demand a price of $500,000-800,000.

Yom Ha’Aliyah – Ethiopia

Many Jewish sources interpret this scene as the revival of the Jewish People and the return to the Land of Israel. Like the dry bones that no-one believed could show signs of life, so too the Ten Tribes of the Jewish People would be revived, and come back to reignite life in Israel. We have seen this prophecy come true in our lifetime. Against all odds, the words of God came true, and the Jewish people have returned home and revived the land of Israel. There is no other land in the world that waited for their people to come back, and we did it after 2000 years, just as God promised, ink on parchment in the Bible.

IFCJ: Saying ‘Thank You’ to Our Christian Friends

Over the years our Christian partners have contributed more than $1.4 billion, mostly with an average sacrificial donation of $76 per person, to help Israel and the Jewish people. These are not wealthy mega donors, but people who care wholeheartedly for Israel and relate to the Jewish people with unconditional love.

Israel’s Atomized Political System

Michel Gurfinkiel

According to a Midgam/Channel 2 poll released one week before the March 17 general election, 49 percent of all Israelis see Benjamin Netanyahu.

Menachem Begin and the Evangelicals

This year, the Menachem Begin Heritage Center is marking the 100th Anniversary since the birth of this remarkable Jewish leader. Part of these observances included an event this week honoring Menachem Begin as the first Israeli prime minister to openly embrace the support of Christians worldwide. Co-hosted by the Begin Center and the International Christian […]


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