Dead Sea Spiritual Retreat: Calling Out to God From the Depths

As its name implies, an integral aspect of the LOI message is conveyed in their connection to the land. Though Jerusalem is usually the center of prayer, Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel, co-founder of the Land of Israel Network, explained that the Dead Sea region is a particularly auspicious location for personal prayer and meditation.

Miraculous Relationship Between Jewish People and the Land of Israel

Imagine if we told you that there is a certain area of land in the world where its fertility is dependent upon the people that dwell in that land. Would seem pretty preposterous right? Agriculture doesn’t work like that. Either a land is fertile or it isn’t – it doesn’t depend on which group of […]

Daily Inspiration: Yom Ha’aliyah

Yom Ha’aliyah is an Israeli national holiday acknowledging immigration to Israel as a core value of the Jewish state, and to honor the ongoing contributions of Olim, “immigrants,” to Israeli society. The last verse in the Tanakh calls upon the Jewish people to ascend to Eretz Yisrael. After decades of Babylonian rule, Persian king Cyrus, […]


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