American National Security and the Imperative Primacy of “Mind”

Louis Rene Beres

While President Trump intends to bolster US power through enhanced weapons systems and a rededication to belligerent nationalist foreign policies, authentic national security will require new emphases on intellect, or “mind.” This means focusing on new ways of thinking about world politics, especially much-needed escape plans from lethal cycles of competitive geopolitics. Washington must slow its still-growing inclination toward renewed arms racing and to other kinds of military escalation and shift its policy emphases to the greater utilities of intellect.

Donald Trump, National Security and Nuclear War

Louis Rene Beres

More than anything else, the current American president’s capacity to handle nuclear crises (both expected and unexpected) will impact US national security. Derivatively, this capacity could also affect the security of certain major American allies, including Israel.

The Immoral Foreign Policy of the “Resistance”

Caroline Glick

They are a power play. And given the disastrous failures of the “Resistance’s” foreign policies, it is clear that the outcome of this power struggle is something to which no one can be indifferent.

Scenarios for a US-Iran Detente

Mordechai Kedar

There are two possible scenarios for what is going to transpire between the US and the Ayatollahs, one positive and the other disastrous.

Pro Israel Support in America

Jim Fletcher

Twenty-plus years ago, when I began advocating for Israel in a variety of ways (primarily writing and research), it felt like pro Israel support in the American Church was very strong.


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