Five Thoughts on the Passing of Amos Oz


His prose, along with the poetry of Yehuda Amichai and the music of Yehuda Poliker, underlay the mental climate in which I chose to make my home in Israel.

The New Inquisition

Caroline Glick

The Left’s identity politics are becoming curiouser and curiouser for Jews.

A Fool’s Errand

Israelis, Arabs and others are impatiently waiting to see the “peace plan” devised by the Trump administration for Palestinian Arabs in the land beyond the 1949 Armistice Line, which was occupied by Jordan for 19 years.

Jordan Cancels Annexes of Peace Treaty With Israel

Israel’s nearly 25-year peace treaty with Jordan has been a remarkable oasis of stability in a region otherwise riven with conflict and bloodshed. However, following a mass demonstration in Jordan’s capital Amman on Friday, King Abdullah announced that he has decided not to extend a part in the 1994 Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty, which annexes regions of the Arava desert and Naharayim to Israel.

Ezekiel’s End-of-Days Vision Revealed: Dead Sea Coming to Life

For those who have visited the lowest point on the face of the planet, Ezekiel’s end-of-days prophecy of the Dead Sea coming to life seems impossible, yet recently, scientists have been shocked to discover that the sinkholes appearing around the sea are quickly filling up with fish and other forms of life previously unseen in the inhospitable region.

Demographic Bogeyman

There’s a bogeyman out there: the impending inundation of  Arabs into Israel. “Dateline Jerusalem: A demographic study released Tuesday predicts that in Israel and the Palestinian territories, Arabs will outnumber Jews by the year 2020.”


Prophecy from the Bible is revealing itself as we speak. Israel365 News is the only media outlet reporting on it.

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