The Iran Deal is Dead. What Now?

Biden and his people have done almost everything in their power to return to the agreement, but Iran has made impossible demands.

Biden upgrades US-Palestinian relations with creation of special post

The Biden administration has appointed a Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs, in a move meant to upgrade relations with the Palestinians, Axios reported on Tuesday. “The Washington-based Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs will engage closely with the Palestinians and their leadership and, together with Ambassador [Thomas] Nides and his team, continue to engage with Israel […]

Biden calls Netanyahu for the first time since election win

Six days after Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party won a parliamentary election, U.S. President Joe Biden called him on Monday, Netanyahu announced on Twitter. Netanyahu stated that Biden congratulated him on his election victory and said the alliance between the two countries is stronger than ever. Furthermore, Netanyahu told Biden that peace agreements with additional nations […]

Is Biden intentionally snubbing Netanyahu?

US President Joe Biden has yet to call Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory in last week’s elections. This snub follows a pattern with both leaders delaying in congratulating each other after election victories. In elections that recorded the highest voter turnout since 1999,  the Likud Party, headed by Netanyahu, garnered 32 seats. […]