Twitch resurrects AI Jesus

While not as popular as the original, the ask_jesus livestream has about 40,000 followers who can ask questions and receive real-time spiritual guidance.

New York Magazine’s Vulture ‘Jokes’ That Jesus Was a Palestinian

A story in Vulture, the entertainment and culture outlet of New York Magazine, takes a long look at what it calls “Nepo Babies” — the children of famous people. It includes the following sentence: The Hadid sisters are a tricky case: As with that other famous Palestinian, Jesus Christ, the benefits of the filial relationship clearly […]

Cave associated with Jesus’ midwife Salome reveals several surprises

Researchers announced that they are beginning excavations in a cave that was originally used as a burial site for a wealthy family in the Second Temple era but continued to be venerated for hundreds of years as the burial site of the midwife of Jesus. The Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Tuesday that they are […]

War on Christmas and Hanukkah

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Christians and Jews, especially when Christmas and Hanukkah coincide, as they do this season. Jews around the world will celebrate Hanukkah this year from December 18 until December 26th. When I used to live in the United States, the union of the two winter holidays aroused […]


Prophecy from the Bible is revealing itself as we speak. Israel365 News is the only media outlet reporting on it.

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