Saving Israel’s Arabs, Despite Themselves

Ze’ev Jabotinsky wrote in a 1926 pamphlet that after the establishment of the Jewish state, “a considerable Arab population always will remain … if things fare badly for this group of inhabitants, the entire country will fare badly.”

Poll: Israelis remain proud of identity, youth identify more as right-wing

Israelis’ national pride remained stable in 2022, and a higher percentage of young Israelis identified as right-wing, according to the 2022 Israeli Democracy Index, whose findings were released by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) on Sunday. “Pride in being Israeli has remained stable among the Jewish public over the years (multi-year average: 85.9%),” the poll […]

Border cop kills terrorist 20 years after terrorists murdered his father

Israeli security personnel were called to an Arab-Israeli city overnight on Thursday but the call was part of an ambush that resulted in a terrorist attack. The Border Patrol officer who neutralized the terrorist had a family history that seemed to set his destiny to kill terrorists.  Overnight on Thursday, a terrorist ran over and […]

2 Israeli police officers injured in Arab terrorist attack in Kafr Qassem

Overnight on Thursday, a terrorist ran over and shot two Israeli police officers in the Arab town of Kafr Qassem. The officers suffered light injuries and were evacuated to Beilinson Hospital for treatment. The Arab terrorist, a resident of Kafr Qassem, who drove the vehicle that carried out the attack was shot and killed. Located […]

Where the ‘Dual Loyalty’ Accusation Actually Applies

Israel as a beacon in a sea of barbarism isn’t a Jewish issue, which is why the “dual loyalty” canard is a complete lie. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of those Arab citizens of Israel who side with their country’s mortal enemies.

Israel’s Arabs Deserve Better

If there was ever proof that Israel is not an apartheid state actively discriminating against its Arab minority, all one needs to do is look at the recent statement of Israeli Arab Knesset member Ayman Odeh.


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