Archaeologists Uncover Rare 1,500-Year-Old Linen Lamp Wick

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) recently announced the uncovering of a rare and unique archaeological artifact; a lamp wick dating back 1,500 years to the Byzantine period. Although small in size, the find is significant as it is one of the few such items to have survived from antiquity.

2,000 Year-Old Second Temple Period Carvings Discovered in Beersheba

During a routine excavation in Beersheba, 2,000-year-old Second Temple/Roman period carvings were discovered. According to an Israel Antiquities Authority expert, 13 ships were engraved on the walls of a water cistern. Many contained technical details, assuming a working knowledge of ship construction.

Archaeologists and Rabbis Fight Over Bones in a Roman Catacomb

A dispute recently broke out in Rome between archaeologists and Orthodox Jews over ancient bones found in catacombs under a villa that once belonged to Mussolini. The outcome will determine whether the Jews whose bones they were, will see the resurrection of the dead.