Rare Chanukiyot Exhibition at Israel Museum Reflects Jewish Historical Journey

This Chanukah (the Jewish Festival of Lights), the Israel Museum displays 150 of its collection of 1,000 chanukiot – the largest collection of its kind in the world. The Chanukah menorahs, exhibited in the museum’s Jewish Art and Culture Wing, include pieces from an array of ancient Jewish diaspora communities in Spain, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Russia and Ukraine.

The Israel Museum Wakes Up at Night

One night of the year, the illustrious Israel Museum in Jerusalem​ turns into a hub of wild nighttime encounters during which art peels itself off the walls and into the souls of the thousands of visitors!

“Herod the Great” Show

If you want to know what life in the Holy Land looked like 2,000 years ago, step inside Jerusalem’s Israel Museum to see the world’s 1st exhibition on the life of King Herod, who built the Caesarea harbor, Masada and much more.


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