‘Islamophobia’ Is as Old as Islam

The United Nations recently named March 15—also rather ominously known as the Ides of March—as “the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.” 

UN Foists ‘Combat Islamophobia’ Day on the World

It’s official: The United Nations, following the Muslim world’s lead, has formally accepted the concept of “Islamophobia,” a move that will undoubtedly further paralyze any measures against Islamic aggression, or, in a word, jihad.

The Islamophobia Victim’s Murder Plot

Shalash’s mosque, the Islamic Center of Lexington, had contacted Lexington cops and Homeland Security, while claiming to be suffering from Islamophobic threats.

Obama’s Mosque Address Ruffles Feathers

President Barack Obama’s first visit to an American Mosque in a Baltimore suburb on Wednesday may have been billed as a goodwill gesture, but it certainly attracted some serious attention.