Temple Mount Prophecy Taking Place Precisely on Schedule

temple mount

Christians, Jews, and Muslims have been battling over mountaintop land in Jerusalem for centuries. Recent attempts at a rational, politically negotiated solution have all ended badly. Perhaps what politicians should do is reference prophetic sources which describe in great detail the end-of-days Temple Mount agenda for all concerned.

Are We Seeing The Repentance of Ishmael?

The year 2018 saw a number of Arab governments speaking openly about normalizing relations with Israel. On a political level, the fresh interest in Israel by Arab countries seems to be fueled by a desire to team up against a potentially nuclear Shiite Iran. Iran is home to 70 million Shiite Muslims.

How Islam Took Over the Bible

‘The entire basis of the regional conflict is based on religion and begins inside the holy books,’ said Professor Bat-sheva Garsiel, to Breaking Israel News. ‘Islam agrees that God gave the Torah to the Jews at Mount Sinai but the details and the differences are what fuel the conflict.’

Erdogan, Pope Form Unholy, Anti-Trump Alliance to Control Jerusalem

A meeting on Monday between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Pope Francis may have grave implications for Jerusalem as both leaders appear to be building an agenda based upon their joint opposition to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of the city as Israel’s capital.


Prophecy from the Bible is revealing itself as we speak. Israel365 News is the only media outlet reporting on it.

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