Political Games at the Hague

For the past two decades, political actors have continuously led campaigns aimed at bringing Israel before the International Criminal Court. These actors all ignore Palestinian terrorism, thereby making the accusations of Israeli “war crimes” stand out.

Soros Backed NGO to Help Prosecute Israel in ICC

The Israeli NGO Adalah, a prominent grantee of the US-based New Israel Fund, announced this week that it is “prepared to submit legal material” to the International Criminal Court against Israel.

IDF to Submit Accounts of Hamas War Crimes to ICC

Jerusalem Institute of Justice to submit 33 accounts of Hamas war crimes in attempt to confront anti-Israel bias. JIJ: Court has the “rare opportunity to send the world a message that torture” and the use of human shields “are unacceptable.”

ICC Judges’ Bias Against Israel


Judges in The Hague decide to reopen the investigation against Israel in the Mavi Marmara incident despite the prosecutor repeatedly closing the case over flotilla organizers IHH’s ties to global Jihad.

The Double Standard of the ICC


The US is justified in its refusal to cooperate with the ICC over alleged war crimes committed by its forces and close allies, democratic countries are capable of trying their own soldiers; but the Palestinians, who fund murderers and their families, turn to the ICC to file complaints against Israel.

Israeli Farmers Sue Hamas in International Court

A group of farmers from the south of Israel arrived in the Netherlands on Monday, planning to file a lawsuit against Hamas in the International Criminal Court in the Hague. The allegations include the burning of agricultural areas with the use of the incendiary devices, attacks on the Israeli border, the use of children in […]